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April 23, 2006
Torrent is back up and hosted at The Linux Mirror Project. Follow the link above.

Please check News in the forum for updates!


Known Bugs:

April 4, 2006:
Progress bar in install routine not functional; However, does NOT appear to affect a clean installation.

More info:

RocXshoP is based entirely on the best Linux distro available today: PCLinuxOS. This distro would NOT be possible without the amazing work done by Texstar on PCLinuxOS and by Thac on his Audio packages. The links below will direct you to the source of our success!


- PCLOS Forum
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Version: 0.08
(April 04, 2006)

Welcome to RocXshop - Beta!

RocXshop aims to be your portable, powerful Digital Audio Workstation. Based on the excellent Linux distribution PCLinuxOS, RocXshop is on the cutting edge of today's LiveCD technology.

Operating System Features:
- Kernel 2.6.14
- Xorg 6.9
- KDE 3.5.2
- GCC 3.3.1
- ALSA 1.0.10
The core applications include:
- Ardour - A powerful multi-track recording/mixing console
- Hydrogen - An intuitive, easily programmable drum machine
- Jackit - Highly configurable audio server/patchbay
- Jamin - Digital mastering interface
- LADSPA Plugins - Hundreds of chainable digital effects

The livecd features a secure, stable platform for creating professional quality audio. RocXshoP is suitable for a wide variety of recording tasks including demos, live performance, CD mastering and more.

While RocXshoP is designed to be run entirely from the livecd, it is also easily installable. Doing so opens the door to literally thousands of programs from the PCLinuxOS repositories. Office suites, Web Design Software and Multimedia packages are just a few of the options available.

Open Source

Best of all, RocXshoP is %100 FREE!

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